Get the most out of AdInMo’s SDK with the latest tips and resources to help you maximize monetization with InGamePlay Brand Ads. Looking for technical information? Check out our developer documentation that includes full release notes, SDK functions and more.

Ensuring Valid Impressions

InGamePlay brand ads are a new category and measurement is key for advertisers – they need to know what they are buying! Equally, traditional display ad specs don’t take into consideration 2D and 3D gaming environments.

AdInMo co-chairs the IAB UK In-Game Advertising sub-group on measurement which is working to define an industry standard of a valid in-game impression and how campaigns will be measured.

These are the key concepts you need to consider when placing ads in order to ensure you are generating valid impressions.

  • Size of placement –  a minimum percentage (%) of screen coverage.
  • Time on screen –  a valid impression has a minimuim on screen time + cooling off time for a better player experience.
  • Location – consider the viewing angle of the placement and any objects which may cause occlusion.

AdInMo’s SDK has lots of debugging tools including a ‘Debug Size Threshold’ tool to ensure size of placements meets industry best practices. Read more in the SDK Documentation

App-ads.txt helps the advertising industry combat fraud. It allows developers to identify themselves as the legitimate owner of an app. Always keeping your game’s app-ads.text up to date means AdInMo’s advertising network will be able to send you more traffic and maximize monetization.

For more information on app-ads.txt, click here.

Design Integration Guide

If you’re not sure about where best to place ads in your game, check out our Design Integration Guide V2.0, published by our in-house design team, to help you optimize your ad placements.

It walks you through how to start placing InGamePlay brand ads in your games and includes the practical basics of this exciting ad category as well as lots of tips and techniques, based on Game Design theory, to optimise your implementation.

You can also view a video version of the guide on our Youtube Channel.

Check out our YouTube Channel where we review how developers are placing InGamePlay brand ads in their game. We look at different genres and art styles and showcase the flexibility of this ad category.

We get the fine balance between monetization and gameplay. Your design team will rightly have questions before they programmatically add banners and objects in their game. The AdInMo Design Clinic is a free service where our in-house design team reviews your game and makes tailored recommendations for your game where best to place InGamePlay brand ads while maintaining player immersion.

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Need Any More Help?

Check out our FAQ for more support on monetizing with InGamePlay brand ads.

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